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Surprisingly Sad!

I’ve unabashedly been a home nudist for about eight months.  Prior to that, I was only nude at home when I was by myself.  Life has been so much better since early this year, when I told my significant other that I wanted to pursue a nudist life style.  Now I am unclothed whenever I’m in […]

The Truth About Kiwi Birds

I’ve often suspected that this was true! SC

I’m back!

Yes, I’m back!  I know it’s been two years!  Life happens, things get busy and you find yourself wrapped up in real life.  But now, I’m two years older and maybe even a little wiser. I’m still pursuing a nudist lifestyle, but domestic pressures prevent the full realization of that dream.  But, I’m still working […]

The Bass

Music is one of the controlling interests in my life. When I found this photo by Shawn Collie, I knew that I would be forced to use it in my blog! Photo by Shawn Collie Text by Small Change

Going Up Country – Recapitulation

The trip to view the fall foliage turned out to be wonderful!  Many of the trees were already nude, but the maples still had their leaves.  They were positively flaming with deep reds and vibrant golds.  The oaks were just starting to color a little but were mostly green in contrast to the maples’ fall […]

Good Intentions and all that Jazz!

I really did start out with good intentions!  I read a blog about the NaBloPoMo challenge and thought that it would be a great way kick start my blogging here on WP.  I really enjoy writing but life always seemed to get in the way.  This challenge would sort of hold me accountable.  Unfortunately, life […]

Quick Workaround For The New WordPress Reader

Originally posted on mishaburnett:
Tired of having to open two different pages to get to blogs that you want to read in the new WordPress reader?  Last night I happened upon a way to go directly to the blog without going through the pop-up first. Don’t click the title of the blog, click “more words”.…