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The Beginning Of A Journey

Oh, the strange paths that we walk through life!  This particular path started some 25+ years ago.  After the birth of our youngest, my wife seemed to lose interest in having sex.  I was OK with that for a number of months, but it soon became apparent that this was not just a post-natal thing, but a […]

How GOOD It Is!!

With the onset of Autumn, the weather in my area has become cooler.  On many days, the heat pump has been required to keep the house warm.  Unfortunately, I just can’t justify the cost of keeping the house at “nude friendly” temperatures.  I have been forced to wear clothing both indoors and outdoors.  A sad state of […]

Surprisingly Sad!

I’ve unabashedly been a home nudist for about eight months.  Prior to that, I was only nude at home when I was by myself.  Life has been so much better since early this year, when I told my significant other that I wanted to pursue a nudist life style.  Now I am unclothed whenever I’m in […]

♫ Cedar Trails To You! ♫

I happened to be crossing the bottom half of the state today.  I was on my own and with no fixed schedule, so I decided to not take the most direct route home.  Instead, I detoured a little south and made a stop at Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat (CTNR) in Peebles.  I’ve been wanting to check […]

Sensory Deprived!

Years ago, I studied general biology in high school.  As with most general biology courses, there was a segment on human biology.  Like most teenagers, my classmates and I looked forward to that segment because we would get a chance to drool over pictures of humans’ “naughty bits” and even talk about them and how they […]

My Nude Day (a retrospective)

This particular nude day happened last September.  I had written this and then never got around to publishing it.  So here it is: ========================================================================== I spent most of the day hiking naked around the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. It felt great to be out in the wild, communing with Nature, wearing only a pair of […]

The Truth About Kiwi Birds

I’ve often suspected that this was true! SC