How GOOD It Is!!

With the onset of Autumn, the weather in my area has become cooler.  On many days, the heat pump has been required to keep the house warm.  Unfortunately, I just can’t justify the cost of keeping the house at “nude friendly” temperatures.  I have been forced to wear clothing both indoors and outdoors.  A sad state of affairs, indeed!

During the past few weeks, Autumn has occasionally given way to “Indian Summer”.  On those days (such as today) that the outside temperature rises higher than the indoor temperatures, I open all the windows in the house.  I watch anxiously as the indoor temperature rises.  When it reaches 74-76°F, I rush to strip off whatever clothing I am currently wearing and THAT’s when it happens. . . my entire body feels a rush of sensations as the warm breeze wafts over my now bare skin. . . I feel as though the blinders have come off and I am again completely in touch with the world around me. . . I feel more alive!

That’s when I realize just “How GOOD It Is”, to be naked!




  1. Verygary · · Reply

    Mid Seventies!
    I like to be comfortable, too, but with a little practice I go into the mid-sixties routinely. I’m not trying to brag, but I worked my way into nudity from the ground up — at my doctor’s advice, I began going barefooted. When I need to cover my feet against the cold, I like to wear other clothing.
    Best experience: making snow angels nude. It doesn’t take long.

    1. Mid Seventies is my comfort zone in the house. Outside, if the sun is shining and I am active, the mid sixties is good for me too.

      Good story about becoming a nudist! I like to hear about folks’ journey to being one with nature.

      If you scroll down through my older posts, you’ll find one that I wrote awhile ago about making snow angels. Here’s the link:

      Thanks for commenting, it’s good to hear from you!

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