My Nude Day

The prediction was for thunder storms and rain all day.  But I was seeing patches of sunshine and only light drizzle, so I headed out for a park/wilderness area north of town.  When I arrived at the park I found the weather to be mostly cloudy and warm (low 70’s).  There is a horse trail there that has only one entrance.  I was interested in hiking it because there are usually fewer people on that type of trail, and it had only one entrance.  No cars were in the parking lot at the entrance to the trail, so I knew that I would be alone for at least the part of the trip headed away from the parking lot. I headed out and once I had made two bends in the trail I doffed my shirt and shorts.  For the next two hours I hiked the trails in the nude, never running across a single soul!  Fortunately, the rain waited until just before I arrived back at my car.

Next I moved on to a wilderness area just a little further north.  The temperatures were starting to fall and just as I started down the trail around the lakes the rain started up again.  It was just a little too cool for me so I bailed out, figuring to come back another day.  It does look like a good place for free hiking.

The next stop was the recreation center.  I swam laps for about a half an hour then went to the hot tub.  This is a great hot tub (seats about 15 people) with jets that make the water completely opaque.  There were other people in the tub, but once I got in, I slid my swim suit down around my ankles and enjoyed a 20 minute soak “au naturale”.  People came and went, I stayed naked and they were completely unaware.

After leaving the rec center, I went home, got out of my clothes and spent the rest of the evening naked as a jaybird and happy as a home nudist.

How was your nude day?



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