My Nude Day (a retrospective)

This particular nude day happened last September.  I had written this and then never got around to publishing it.  So here it is:

I spent most of the day hiking naked around the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. It felt great to be out in the wild, communing with Nature, wearing only a pair of sandals & a big smile!

I finished off the afternoon with a nude soak at the Caesar’s Creek beach. It’s not a nude beach, but it wasn’t crowded. As soon as the water was up to my chest, off came the swim trunks! I just carried them in my hand for the half hour or so that I soaked in the warm lake water. It was drag to put them back on to get out of the water, but that was only a mild annoyance when compared to the pleasure of a good “skinny dip”!

What a wonderful day!! I need more days like this.



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