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Sensory Deprived!

Years ago, I studied general biology in high school.  As with most general biology courses, there was a segment on human biology.  Like most teenagers, my classmates and I looked forward to that segment because we would get a chance to drool over pictures of humans’ “naughty bits” and even talk about them and how they […]

My Nude Day (a retrospective)

This particular nude day happened last September.  I had written this and then never got around to publishing it.  So here it is: ========================================================================== I spent most of the day hiking naked around the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. It felt great to be out in the wild, communing with Nature, wearing only a pair of […]

The Truth About Kiwi Birds

I’ve often suspected that this was true! SC

My Nude Day

The prediction was for thunder storms and rain all day.  But I was seeing patches of sunshine and only light drizzle, so I headed out for a park/wilderness area north of town.  When I arrived at the park I found the weather to be mostly cloudy and warm (low 70’s).  There is a horse trail […]