Cold As A WHAT?


I had to get a better picture than the one that I had. Here ya go!

It snowed last night.

I decided to try something.  At about midnight, I walked to the back door, shucked out of my robe and stepped outside.  It was cold, but tolerable and I said to myself, “this ain’t so bad”.  But when I started down the steps through the accumulated snow, the ache started to spread through the bones of my bare feet.  I ran out to the center of the yard with the intention of throwing myself on my back and making a snow angel.  By the time I was in position, the ache had spread upwards to my knees.  Now I’m thinking, “This is gonna hurt!”, but here goes.  Crouched, started to fall backwards, then extended with my arms flung over my head and hit the ground.  The shock!  I just lay there for a moment, asking myself what possessed me to want to do this.  The cold soaked rapidly into my back, but strangely, after the initial shock, it wasn’t as painful as just walking through the snow.  I made the angel making motions, then carefully sat up and then stood, trying not to disturb the shape that I had made.  The wind hit my skin and NOW I was feeling the cold!  Running for the back door, my only thoughts were of backing up to that hot Buck Stove!!

Cold as a WHAT?

Cold as a nudist making snow angels’ backside!



  1. Ha ha way to go! Not much of a picture tho!

    1. Just a bit “tongue-in-cheek”! Glad you liked it. ~Ron~

  2. Scott Sewell · · Reply

    this reminds me of me coming out of sweat lodge lol

    1. It was about that warm by the Buck Stove! It’s the “warm room” in the house, where clothes really are optional. I can’t afford to keep the whole place that warm in the winter!

      1. Scott Sewell · ·

        lol i sit by my furnacenin the bestest rockin chair in the world, and honestly many times skyclad lol. nothing better than the natural!

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