Guilty Pleasures!

This is a blog that I wrote for another site at which I was blogging.  I’ve added an update at the end:


I’m really getting into this nudist thing! I’ve visited the local resort four times in the past month. Hiking in the woods, swimming, fishing, hot tubbing and just sitting in the shade reading have all been great! But. . . I want to do something more edgy. . . I want to feel like I’m getting away with something. . . I want to be naked in places that you don’t normally have naked people. . . I simply want some “guilty pleasures”!

I keep seeing internet pictures of people running races naked, bicycling naked and doing all sorts of “public” things naked. They all look like a lot of fun, so I’ve been reading up on opportunities for nudism, especially opportunities in my area. One suggestion kind of stuck in my mind because it can work almost anywhere. It was “Take A Naked Road Trip”. The article that mentioned it observed that most cars nowadays have tinted windows and sit high enough off the road to give you some protection from being viewed by passing cars (not that nudists are bothered by anyone seeing them naked). The thought of driving through the countryside with warm breezes coming through the sun roof and the windows sounded absolutely wonderful!

A few days later, I had to drive home from a rehearsal. It was a one hour drive, mostly on the interstate and it was well after sundown. Now, I have to tell you that I dislike long drives because pants always feel restrictive to me when I’m required to sit in one position for long periods of time. No matter how loose the pants are, I feel like the circulation to my genitals is being cut off. So I got to thinking, “why not try that ‘roadtrip’ idea?”.

When I got into the car for the trip home, I quickly lost all my clothing from the waist down. I had to drive a couple miles to the interstate and I figured that leaving the shirt on would make me look normal to people passing me. Once I was settled into traffic on the interstate, I pulled off my shirt and relaxed into the sensations washing over my completely nude body. The temperature was in the low 80s, so I had the sunroof & windows open and the breeze felt incredible! No pinches or constriction on my genitals the whole way home.

When I arrived at home I slipped back into my clothes, grabbed my instrument and music and went on into the house. I was bemused for the remainder of the evening by the sheer pleasure and comfort that driving in the nude gave me. I am SO looking forward finding an opportunity to travel nude again real soon!

UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this, I’ve had the opportunity to take a couple more trips in which I’ve spent the bulk of the driving time nude. Both of these trips were in broad daylight, one on the interstate and the other on typical 2-lane blacktop roads. There were no strange looks on a hot day, when people saw a guy driving down the highway with the windows down and no shirt on. Whenever I found myself in a stop and go situation, I simply slipped a T-shirt on and looked fully dressed to the cars next to me. Outside of town, off comes the shirt and I’m naked once again. Talk about your basic guilty pleasures!

Have you had the pleasure of driving (or riding) in a car on public roads either completely or partially nude?

Can you tell me about some other “Guilty Pleasure” you’ve had being nude in an unusual place?

In your fantasies, where do you find yourself nude in public?

Are you taking steps to make your fantasy a reality?



  1. aguywithoutboxers · · Reply

    LOL! I’m glad to see that you are enjoying your exploration of nudity! Yes, a naked road trip is fun, invigorating and exciting, but please, be careful! Great post, by the way! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. I would love to ride my motorbike naked. Just can’t do it tho. I do ride my bicycle naked at night sometimes and it’s great!

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