Searching for a mail-order bride…REALLY???

This is an excellent blog post! The title belies the true point of the article, so please, read on in spite of your lack of interest in mail order brides.

In my estimation, the most important part is the last few paragraphs. Read and take them to heart!

Culture Monk

a mail order bride really

by Kenneth Justice

~A while back a mid-fortyish woman sat down with me at coffee and began sharing her story. In pretty good English she explained to me that she had immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe; “My husband and I met at a dance in my home country and we married the next day. I spoke no English, and he couldn’t speak my language… for the first year I lived in the U.S. we could barely communicate

It turns out she learned to speak English by watching American television and by the end of the first year she had acquired a good grasp of the language….mainly because she never left the house and had little else to do. Her days were spent cooking, cleaning, and sleeping with her ‘husband’. In return, he sent a monthly stipend to the woman’s teenage daughter back in Europe in…

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