Going Up Country – Recapitulation

The trip to view the fall foliage turned out to be wonderful!  Many of the trees were already nude, but the maples still had their leaves.  They were positively flaming with deep reds and vibrant golds.  The oaks were just starting to color a little but were mostly green in contrast to the maples’ fall splendor.  The day was lightly overcast which made it look like we were viewing the landscape through a polarizing filter.  It could have been our imagination, but it seemed as though the colors were more vibrant and the contrasts were deeper because of the clouds.

Our wandering took us to a nearby inland lake, so we decided to walk the shoreline instead of hiking the woods.  By that time, the clouds had thinned to the point of being “partly cloudy” in the weatherman’s vernacular.  There was wind enough to cause some whitecaps on the waves, but not enough to give us a chill.  A few sailboats were plying their way across the lake as we walked.  Foam was flying as their bows knifed through the waves.  The cool fall breeze doesn’t have to be strong to make sailing lively!  I remarked that the scene looked much like a New England shoreline postcard picture.  It was indeed picture perfect and very beautiful!

I really miss the warmth of the summer sun.  I miss being able to enjoy the outdoor world without the constriction of clothing, but there are few things as beautiful as a crisp fall afternoon in the midwest.  For an unremarkable day, it really was quite remarkable, and the warmth of summer will return soon enough.




  1. aguywithoutboxers · · Reply

    A great reflection. Hopefully, as you wrote, the days of summer nudity will be back soon! Take care and stay bare!

  2. A beautiful time of the year. We are almost just past it here in Canada.

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