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Happy Thanksgiving !

Today is Thanksgiving day, here in the USA.   The Small Change household has much to be thankful for this year, and today we gather with our family and friends to celebrate that. I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether or not you are celebrating with us! SC Advertisements

Cold As A WHAT?

It snowed last night. I decided to try something.  At about midnight, I walked to the back door, shucked out of my robe and stepped outside.  It was cold, but tolerable and I said to myself, “this ain’t so bad”.  But when I started down the steps through the accumulated snow, the ache started to […]

The Bass

Music is one of the controlling interests in my life. When I found this photo by Shawn Collie, I knew that I would be forced to use it in my blog! Photo by Shawn Collie Text by Small Change

Guilty Pleasures!

This is a blog that I wrote for another site at which I was blogging.  I’ve added an update at the end: I’m really getting into this nudist thing! I’ve visited the local resort four times in the past month. Hiking in the woods, swimming, fishing, hot tubbing and just sitting in the shade reading […]

Searching for a mail-order bride…REALLY???

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
by Kenneth Justice ~A while back a mid-fortyish woman sat down with me at coffee and began sharing her story. In pretty good English she explained to me that she had immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe; “My husband and I met at a dance in my home…

Remembering Those Who Served

On November 11th, the people of the United States of America collectively celebrate a day of remembrance of those who have served in their armed forces. Whether their service occurred during a time of peace or during a time of war, each of the members of the military in effect wrote a blank check good […]

Going Up Country – Recapitulation

The trip to view the fall foliage turned out to be wonderful!  Many of the trees were already nude, but the maples still had their leaves.  They were positively flaming with deep reds and vibrant golds.  The oaks were just starting to color a little but were mostly green in contrast to the maples’ fall […]