Oh, the strange paths that we walk through life!  This particular path started some 25+ years ago.  After the birth of our youngest, my wife seemed to lose interest in having sex.  I was OK with that for a number of months, but it soon became apparent that this was not just a post-natal thing, but a […]

With the onset of Autumn, the weather in my area has become cooler.  On many days, the heat pump has been required to keep the house warm.  Unfortunately, I just can’t justify the cost of keeping the house at “nude friendly” temperatures.  I have been forced to wear clothing both indoors and outdoors.  A sad state of […]

I’ve unabashedly been a home nudist for about eight months.  Prior to that, I was only nude at home when I was by myself.  Life has been so much better since early this year, when I told my significant other that I wanted to pursue a nudist life style.  Now I am unclothed whenever I’m in […]

I happened to be crossing the bottom half of the state today.  I was on my own and with no fixed schedule, so I decided to not take the most direct route home.  Instead, I detoured a little south and made a stop at Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat (CTNR) in Peebles.  I’ve been wanting to check […]

Years ago, I studied general biology in high school.  As with most general biology courses, there was a segment on human biology.  Like most teenagers, my classmates and I looked forward to that segment because we would get a chance to drool over pictures of humans’ “naughty bits” and even talk about them and how they […]

This particular nude day happened last September.  I had written this and then never got around to publishing it.  So here it is: ========================================================================== I spent most of the day hiking naked around the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. It felt great to be out in the wild, communing with Nature, wearing only a pair of […]

I’ve often suspected that this was true! SC

The prediction was for thunder storms and rain all day.  But I was seeing patches of sunshine and only light drizzle, so I headed out for a park/wilderness area north of town.  When I arrived at the park I found the weather to be mostly cloudy and warm (low 70’s).  There is a horse trail […]

Yes, I’m back!  I know it’s been two years!  Life happens, things get busy and you find yourself wrapped up in real life.  But now, I’m two years older and maybe even a little wiser. I’m still pursuing a nudist lifestyle, but domestic pressures prevent the full realization of that dream.  But, I’m still working […]

My wish for all of you reading this is a happy and prosperous New Year in 2014! Enjoy life naturally when you can. When you can’t enjoy it naturally, I hope you are able to take joy in whatever task lies before you! Remember that life is a precious gift that is meant to be […]